ASSOCIATION FOR POVERTY ERADICATION AND DEVELOPMENT (APED) is a Non-profit voluntary organization created in the 2015 aiming for poverty eradication and achieve the sustainable development of the poor communities who lack basic needs and rights and under exploitation, discrimination and violation of human rights.

It was registered under A.P.Society Registration Act 35 of 2001 for primary legal identity and also registered Under section 12AA of Income Tax Act 1961 to avail the Income provisions for the returns of income of the association.The registration under Foreign Contribution (regulation Act 2010 and approval Income Tax exemption  for the donors  are under process.

The members of the Management Body of the association are qualified and devoting time and money for the association activities. They involve in the activities at grass root level. The association activities are being dependent of the public and members donations.

APED is working in Chittoor and border areas of Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh, India. The working area is a drought prone area,drought is a common phenomena persists years to gather affecting the lives of the people resulting migration in search of livelihoods

APED is working with the marginalized and vulnerable communities for advancement in education, health, economic and social status. The  adopt the down to top approach. We believe the people’s ideas and participation is a must for development. We cannot achieve the development by top down plans, imposed ideas, knowledge and technology .Hence every programme and project we plan would be needy for the community, based on the local resources and peoples knowledge. The community is planner, monitor and evaluator of our programmes and projects.